Weekly Report 10/13-10/19

21 Oct 2013


  • Team meeting with good discussions and thoughts
  • Completed usability requests (Thanks DUDE!)
  • Discussions with various people regarding my thesis and some ideas
  • Was able to find an answer to one of the problems I was having with my thesis
  • Swam 4 times and swam my fastest 50m so far! (35 seconds)
  • Big picture discussions about web services, API keys, improving the API
  • Completed and demoed my project for Comp595.
  • Began the path to more focused test driven development in our latest sprint planning
  • Planning Poker at the sprint planning
Areas for Improvement:
  • More efficient planning
  • Prioritization and organization
  • Patience
    • Hard work does not go unnoticed (I hope!)
  • Made some big decisions over the weekend testing my ability to be more decisive and I think I'm doing well.