Weekly Report 9/15-9/21

22 Sep 2013

My boss emails out a weekly report of all his activities every week and I thoroughly enjoy them. I'd thought I'd start writing them myself to help reflect. Good:

  • Completed notifications for RP
  • Started working on a small email wrapper class for RP
  • Progress on my thesis
  • Completed section on Phoenix database's layer.
  • Completed section on the Neo4J equivalent of EAS's database.
  • Swam 4 times this past week!
  • Completed and submitted Comp429's Project 1 - Yak
  • Completed, submitted, and demoed Comp595's Project 2 - Sensor Information
  • Discussions with coworkers
    • Compilers, Interpreters, JIT compilers
    • C
      • Pointers/Arrays and Buffers
      • Re-entrant functions
      • Man pages
  • RP pre-meeting and role reviews
  • Revised/updated my resume
  • Got RP running on saga28
  • Will be helping out with my friend's robotics team at his old high school, Team4Element!
  • Completed 2 Project Euler problems in Python!
Areas for Improvement:
  • Communicating efficiently
  • Saga28 server maintenance
    • Messed up existing SSL configuration when updating Apache :/
  • Need to get back on my scheduled 1-on-1s
  • Have to get back to updating my blog
  • Organization, scheduling, and Agile
  • Lost touch of the Agile approach since I've moved back to RP.
  • Thesis proof-reading and progress updates with my thesis committee.
  • Wasn't so active on IRC this past week.
  • Team Building
    • Team4Element - Need to learn the kids and how I can help
    • Family - Need to figure out how to help out here as well
  • Python-Eve Neo4J driver
    • Reviewed what I could do to possibly develop a Neo4J driver for the Eve framework built on top of Flask.