Ready Player One

With keeping up on my new year resolutions, the first book of 2015 that I decided to read was Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I found the book browsing through Barnes and Nobles and realized it was surprisingly cheap on the Google Play Bookstore (sorry local Barnes and Nobles, have to justify my Nexus 7 purchase somehow).

I have to say that I hope the rest of the books I read this year are this good. It may be a cliche, but I could not put this book down. I was seriously trying to only read a little bit at a time, but everytime I'd sit down to read, I'd get carried away. With each chapter, I just wanted to keep digging deeper and deeper.

Ready Player One follows the virtual and real life of Walter Wade as he uncovers the mysterious Easter Egg left in the virtual world OASIS left by the creator. The book starts off the adventure from Wade's early years growing up in the outskirts of Oklahoma City in project-like structures called stacks. As many people need an escape, Walter finds his in the OASIS. A virtual reality world which originally started off as an insane MMORPG. Society later realized how valuable the OASIS which lead to its popularity.

Ready Player One is a roller coaster ride adventure with great references to 80's video game, movie, and music culture. If you love playing Pacman, 80's musics or television, or video games in general, you CANNOT pass on this book.

I've been making the switch to tiling window managers through the use of AwesomeWM. If you're not using a tiling window manager, you should definitely give it a shot! I shouldn't take all the credit though, Copycat Killer's AwesomeWM configs are a great start and essentially what allowed me to make the switch.

It seemed to be happening more often than usual. I'd have something cool to share but no one was on messenger/IRC/Facebook/Google+/etc. What good are all these social networks if its so difficult to just share the latest JS plugin I saw on Reddit/Github? Going back over my options, I thought maybe I could just drop my friends an email, but the more I thought about it, emails can be annoying and are typically dismissed. If I'm going to take the time to share something, I want someone to see it! I needed a good way to be able to share links, update those that want to see it without annoying them, and have these links be accessible anywhere. In steps Kippt. Kippt is social bookmarking taken to the next level. My coworkers and I can now share links easily right through a browser extension and can be notified based on how we want. We've been using Kippt for about a month and a half now and its been an integral part of the way we work, learn, and share.

If you're on Kippt, follow me and I'll follow you back: Barakyo

If you're not on Kippt, I highly recommend getting on, following people (and me if you want!)

Love this commercial and the feel good mood!